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BICEP Publications and Funding Agencies

CMB polarimetry with BICEP: instrument characterization, calibration, and performance, 2008
Yuki D. Takahashi for the bicep collaboration.

The Robinson Gravitational Wave Background Telescope (BICEP): a bolometric large angular scale CMB polarimeter, 2006
Ki Won Yoon for the bicep collaboration.

BICEP: A Large Angular Scale CMB Polarimeter, 2003
Brian G. Keating, Peter A. Ade, James J. Bock, Eric Hivon, William L. Holzapfel, Andrew E. Lange, Hien Nguyen, Ki Won Yoon

A New Window to the Early Universe, 2002
Eric Hivon & Marc Kamionkowski

National Science 

BICEP Presentations

BICEP: The John Robinson Gravitational Wave Background Telescope, Kovac 2006

CMB Polarimetry with BICEP: Probing Inflationary Gravitational Waves, Barkats 2005

BICEP: A Large Format Poplarization Sensitive Bolometer Array for the CMB, Keating 2004

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